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Enjoy these free samples from HAIKU FOR YOU, and some NEW POEMS (newest poems at the top) not found in HAIKU FOR YOU.

On religion and faith:



Three men of faith stand / Blind, before an elephant / each touches the beast

One man is a priest / The other is a rabbi / the third a Khateeb

One touches the tusk / He says of the beast, “It’s bone / Long, smooth and pointed.”

One touches the side / He says, “It is wide and tough / a building of skin.”

One touches the tail / He says, “You two are not right / It is thin and small.”

All are right in part / but none can see the whole beast / their perspective lacks

So none are correct / about the sum of the parts / despite their efforts



JESUS SAID (in 4 haiku)

She gave you life, but / I offer Life Eternal / So ask Me, not her

He gave you shelter / But I give shelter to all / So ask Me, not him

They offer wisdom / But I can offer you faith / So ask Me, not them

They are family / But I am the Son of Man / So ask Me, not them


On humanity:


WOW (in 3 haiku)

Wow, she is gorgeous / intelligent and lovely / and she knows my name

I must be dreaming / how could I be so lucky / or maybe I'm blessed

I'd better not hope / for too much, lest I get hurt / but certainly, "Wow!"


THE FOUR (in 3 haiku)

Redhead and Cuban / And the Hausfrau and Husband / They bicker and love

Around the clock and / in ev'ry known country they / bring laughter and tears

Never forgotten / ev'ry generation learns / how funny The Four


On nature:


PLATES (in 2 haiku)

The tectonic plates / Are shifting every minute / nothing stays the same

The Earth lives and breathes / turning, churning and burning / and we hold on tight




HOPE VS. FAITH (in 6 haiku)

It's hope against faith / in a battle for the soul / which is salvation?

Hope can expect things / faith only believes things come / which is the true path?

Hope can result in / such crushing disappointment / and faith can be lost

Are either enough / to sustain the dreams of Man / or are they both false?

For me, hope is vain / because it's based around me / faith is based on God

So my choice is faith / and hope can wait for others / who don't know God's love


DEAR GOD (in 10 haiku)

Dear God, You love me / of this I am quite certain / so please end this pain

I apologize / for ev'ry thing I did wrong / now please make it right

I really have tried / of this You are quite certain / so please let me smile

I won't mess it up / this time I will not fail you / if given the chance

Your plan cannot fail / and I know there's room for me / in Your divine wish

I will stay in faith / for another day, at least / this is what You want

But the days are long / and the nights still terrify / so enlighten me

Why the trial drags on / why ev'rything I try fails / why I falter so

Or don't,it's okay / I'll keep doing all I can / to make the pain end

And we'll celebrate / together our ultimate / successes in full


TIGER WOODS (in 12 haiku)

Tiger Woods is great / but his challenges, greater / redheads can't be beat

Keep swinging, Tiger / and please forget those freckles / if it's possible

Forget it, Tiger / she was just no good for you / but she was sure hot

If she was a crime / I would say, "Judge, not guilty" / any man would fall

If you can't rise now / because you had to rise then / it's the price of lust

It takes the punch out / leaves the fighter stunned and weak / but oh, those freckles

and that creamy skin / hey, I sympathize, Tiger / just try to forget

You're only human / you are not an elephant / you can forget, right?

So keep swinging, mate / you'll be on top again, lad / but look under you

And see the golfers / that you taught to play the game / and not that lovely

Or you may never / be the man we all admire / except for me, Tige'

I remember her / red hair and that creamy skin / you are my hero


THE BIG MAN (a haiku)

The Big Man is gone / now the Boss and his huge crew / will miss his big sax


TIMES OF TRIAL (in 5 haiku)

Times of Trial are long / but trial is the only way / to prove innocence

The guilty don't care / just how long the trial may be / they always get off

But the just must wait / for their long-deserved reprieve / and to be returned

Jails of the soul fill / with all those who made mistakes / and have to suffer

But their times of trial / drag on and on, ceaselessly / while they waste away


HOW TO FRY AN EGG (in 3 haiku)

Over-medium / does not mean over-easy / and not over-hard

The second, runny / the third is cooked hard and dry / the first is tricky

the white should be cooked / the yolk should be partially / hard, but still runny


ANTHONY WEINER (in 12 haiku)

Foolish, arrogant / transmitting those photographs / lying about it

And a public man / with so much great ambition / should have known better

So much is wasted / all the good you could have done / your fight in the shade

Crawl away now, fool / red-faced, disgraced and stupid / unethical dolt

Your wife is with child / your family will see you / differently now

Now we've seen too much / much too much information / didn't want to know

Apicture is worth / a thousand words, but that one / is worthless and dim

Next time, show respect / to the public that you serve / and keep your pants on!

Let the lesson ring / to the next arrogant putz / go home to your wife

Don't flirt and don't cheat / be a real man for your kids / and the rest of us

Won't these people learn / that nothing is secret now / and technology

Reveals the hard truth / and all the indescretions / public men commit?


LAUGH TRACK (in 4 haiku)

The laugh track is dead / those clamoring idiots / aren't laughing now

They say the same tracks / used on "I Love Lucy" are / the ones that they used

For years afterward / and that makes some sense, at least / Lucy was funny

But we've outgrown them / comedies are more real now/ we know when to laugh


CHARLIE SHEEN (in 4 haiku)

Charlie Sheen is great / his enemies are many / his allies are strong

Tiger blood races / through his warlock arteries / that's why he's winning

With his porn star babes / in his Sober Valley Lodge / he rules Hollywood

But the heavy head / wears that thorny, golden crown / don't lose yours, Charlie!


LYBIA (in 3 haiku)

This time the reasons / are just and true and decent / no oil money

A time of crisis / a mandate of liberty / remove the despot

Age of tyranny / closes now with Lybia / so let it be thus


ARIZONA (a haiku)

Arizona scream / rhetoric will destroy the / American Dream


JAPAN (in 3 haiku)

Terrible tremble / waves of destruction follow / then the real fall-out

The bible promised / bub'ling oceans and vast death / is it happening?

Helpless in horror / disaster rolls forward now / but we all hold on


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