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The new DVD SOUL CANCER DIRECTOR'S CUT now available from Amazon/Createspace, featuring new commentary from Robbie Rist, animated shorts and more! BUY IT NOW. USE DISCOUNT CODE MJ9NCSDX FOR 15% OFF!

Starring Robbie Rist ("The Brady Bunch"), Christy McBrayer ("Southern Fried Chickie"), Michael Dunn ("Expecting Love "), April McKay ("Balloonzee"). This video is an official New York International Independent Film & Video Festival entry, available on DVD (see DVDs page). Stageplay available for production.

These webisodes are unsuitable for children.






Check out the cool video of Robbie Rist's "Right About Girls" featuring clips from SOUL CANCER, and other cool Robbie Rist stuff on our FAMILY AND FRIENDS page!

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