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REDHEAD CUBAN HAUSFRAU HUSBAND The World Premiere edition DVD of the acclaimed stage musical by Fletcher Rhoden, featuring interviews and other special features. Check out the full reviews of this amazing production!



LAST TANGO WITH MARLON The World Premiere program of the acclaimed stage play is now on digital video. Now available on dvd! Check out the full reviews of this amazing production!



SOUL CANCER: This blistering hour-long stage play in one act stars Robbie Rist (THE BRADY BUNCH) in a white-hot dramatic performance as a man tormented by the lost details of a failed romance. Christy McBrayer (SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKIE), April McKay (BALLOONZEE) and Michael Dunn (EXPECTING LOVE) round out the extraordinary cast. Includes commentary by Rist, animated shorts by writer/director Fletcher Rhoden and much more! Sample video clips before buying from CreateSpace/



THE CHRISTOPHER WALKEN ECSTATIC DANCE ACADEMY DIRECTOR'S CUT The acclaimed short subject in an all-new cut with new sound, music and more, not available anywhere else on the net! DVD from, featuring new commentaries, animated shorts, never-before-released live performances and much more NOW AVAILABLE!




FLETCHER RHODE LIVE! Live and televised performances that span the decade, presenting some of the singer's most enduring tunes, both Christian and secular, including "(On the) Wings Of An Angel" and "Can't Stop Talkin' Like Christopher Walken". Featuring Robbie Rist (Dance Hall Racket) and Eva James (Eva James Band). Over 90 minutes, featuring extended interview.




FLETCHER RHODEN / DANCE HALL RACKET: ST. LOUIS BLUES This classy music video, featuring R&B singer Kina, is coupled with behind-the-scenes footage, over an hour of live performances and much more! Featuring Robbie Rist (Soul Cancer) and April McKay (Balloonzee).



STUMP THE BAND (Boathouse Studios, 2007) The award-winning comedy/horror/slasher from a story by Fletcher Rhoden.BUY IT now from (along with other cool STB merch), or at or RENT IT from Fangoria magazine gives it 3 our of four 'dvds'!



WRITE MAKES MIGHT: Stronger Structure in Storytelling: DVD includes the 30-minute seminar covers the 3-act structure, scene & sequel structure and more. Shot live in 2008. Plus the 30-minute AUTHORS AUTHORS inverview of Fletcher Rhoden.


FREEDOM HALL Abolitionist Evangeline Mott enlists a township of free African / Americans to build an abolitionist hall in central Boston during the height of the antebellum era. Inspired by actual events. In paperback and ebook! Read free excepts before you buy!


WARRIOR TIDE Miguel de Cervantes at the Battle of Lepanto A Novel The legendary sea battle for the heart of the Western World as seen through the eyes of history's greatest storyteller, Miguel de Cervantes. 370 pages -- free excerpts posted online. Available in ebook and paperback!



NEVER DIE TWICE -- Don Quixote meets James Bond as a young man must look out for his deranged grandfather, who believes himself to be an international spy. Hilarious adventure. Online excerpt posted on page. In paperback and ebook.




SISTERELLA -- a modern retelling of Cinderella about three sisters who find disharmony when a young rocker enters their lives. Combines the revisionist fiction of WICKED with the modern, light comedy of BRIDGET JONES' DIARY. Online excerpt posted on page. In paperback and ebook.




LAST TANGO WITH MARLON A novella by Fletcher Rhoden, Trafford, 2008. The new novella, from the acclaimed stage play in two acts. Marlon Brando and Wally Cox reunite for one last evening during the '70's, as a newly successful Brando teeters on the brink of madness.



THE TRIAL OF DAVY CROCKETT A novella by Fletcher Rhoden, Trafford, 2001. This acclaimed novella pits Davy Crockett against Santa Anna in a debate over the politics of the Texian Revolution in the hours after the fall of the Alamo. Called, "...Thoughtful yet riveting from the first page to the last and is a must-read and not to be missed..." by Mid-West Book Review. Full reviews are posted at the Trafford page linked above.



HAIKU FOR YOU The first collection of poetry from Fletcher Rhoden, includes poems comprised of stanzas which are themselves individual haiku. This is the first time poetry of this kind has been published anywhere in the world. IN EBOOK FORMAT ONLY



THE REBELS OF OZ The new digital graphic novel, a dark sequel to the classic children's book series. Buy directly from this site using Paypal! FOR MATURE READERS.



REDHEAD CUBAN HAUSFRAU HUSBAND Original Cast Recording: Now available as a digital download and CD, this page has all the information you need to purchase this acclaimed Original Cast Recording!



Fletcher Rhoden THE FIVE & DIME, Best Of 2005-2010 The new pop collection by Fletcher Rhoden mixes Christian and secular themes in an upbeat collection featuring blistering guitar and harmonica solos, soaring vocal harmonies and muscular pop rhythms. Features guest performances by Robbie Rist and Eva James. CD and download available! Every copy of THE FIVE & DIME, Best Of 2005-2010 includes a free download of the new covers compilation album, CHANGE FOR A TEN -- available in download only!


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