The Christopher Walken Ecstatic Dance Academy

The internet-classic short subject is now available on DVD. What will Stanley (Robbie Rist, THE BRADY BUNCH) and Laurel (Christy McBrayer, SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKIE) find at the Ecstatic Dance Academy of famed actor Christopher Walken (Quinton Flynn, THE SNOZZBERRIES)? This controversial short was presented at the Cannes Film Festival and MIFED by the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival and was called, "Hilarious... best in show... rivals the best output of SNL... we're treated to the immensely hummable tune, CAN'T STOP TALKIN' LIKE CHRISTOPHER WALKEN..." by Gregory Weinkauf in New Times Los Angeles' BEST OF L.A. edition.

Check out the new MUSIC VIDEO of CAN'T STOP TALKIN' LIKE CHRISTOPHER WALKEN now on the VIDEOS page and a classic live performance of this great tune on the PERFORMANCES page.

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